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Rack One Expands Big Game Peanut Butter in 2019

Rack One Expands Big Game Peanut Butter in 2019


Rack One Expands Big Game Peanut Butter in 2019

Hunters Can Effectively Optimize Herd Health, Help Bucks Grow

Covington, GA— Deer can grow to greatness, but it’s all about what they need to eat to get there. Thanks to the Rack One nutritional system, hunters can unlock the buck’s genetic potential for impressive antlers. Rack One is adding to the system lineup in 2019, helping hunters feed the deer what they want to eat, and what they need to grow.

“Rack One is a complete nutritional system that comes from our years of experience studying and hunting whitetail,” said Casey Keefer, co-host of popular outdoor television programs Rival Wild and Dropped with his brother Chris Keefer. “Each product in the RackOne system is made with intentional ingredients to give the deer what they need. We’re excited to add to the RackOne system so hunters are even more equipped to fuel their opponent.”

In 2019, Rack One offers two new forms of Big Game Peanut Butter: Bag & Block. Big Game Peanut Butter is made of 100% shelled Georgia peanuts, giving the deer a significant 22% protein and 40% fat to help them get through the rut and tough winters. In bag form, hunters can easily spread the Big Game Peanut Butter in the ideal location and tuck the trash in their back pocket to continue their preparations. The block can be positioned just about anywhere and is built to withstand the conditions while delivering exactly what deer crave. 

There are three phases of the Rack One system based on the different stages of a deer and a hunter’s life: Grow, Scout, and Hunt. Each phase contains unique, corresponding products: Thrive & Xcellerator during the Grow phase, Amped during the Scout phase, and Rut Fuel during the Hunt phase. The products are designed to target specific stages of a whitetail’s nutritional needs during that time of year. Rack One is the first of its kind specifically designed for hunters to use throughout the year.

The all-new Rack One Big Game Butter Bag & Block can be found at retailers around the United States and Canada beginning February 1, 2019. To find a retailer near you, visit

About Rack One

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