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Boost 73 Apple Fritter Pig Attractant - 4.8 lbs

Happiness, it’s been said, is bacon sizzling in a frying pan. And we would add that the road to happiness is lined with Rack One’s new premium wild pig attractant. The Rack One Boost 73 Apple Fritter Pig Attractant will add a kick to your pig hunting – and by “kick” we mean an intense, irresistible aroma – pour Boost 73 Apple Fritter Syrup on the exact spot you want them to be. Pour it on a stump, corn or other bait pile, even directly on the ground then be ready to make your shot. The aroma and flavor are concentrated to magnify the attraction even at long distance. In other words, the aroma will travel.

  • Powerful Attractant: Long-range aroma and flavor attracts wild pig long distance attraction
  • Pour: Disperse generously on bare ground, stump or existing mineral site.
  • Eat: Formulated with a natural enzyme that helps support healthy digestion.
  • Boost: Active minerals promote growth.
  • Repeat: Replenish every 2-3 weeks.
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