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Picnic Basket Bear Attractant - 5 lbs

Rack One has proven themselves when it comes to deer attractants and now they've added bears to their (and your) target list by adding this premium product to improve bear hunters' success. Bears will not be happy with this news. The Rack One Picnic Basket Premium Bear Attractant – Like every good picnic basket, this tantalizing blend contains a variety of irresistible snacks and treats to whet the appetite of any and all bears that come within range of its powerful, alluring aroma. The carefully blended mix of fruits and nuts (and secret ingredients) put out a picnic spread and long-distance scent trail that'll have the big fellows inviting themselves to the party. Place it wisely near trail cameras, feeding areas and/or your hunting stand because if you serve it they will come. Tip: Add it to corn or other bait to create a super-charged bait pile.

  • Protein-Packed: Loaded with protein to boost antler growth; Can be poured directly on the ground or mixed with other products
  • Unrivaled Fat Content: Whitetail naturally crave fat Georgia-Grown Peanuts Undeniable taste.
  • Zero Hulls. All real Georgia peanuts with a mix of fruits and nuts
  • Powerful Attractant: Long-range aroma attracts big game from miles away
  • 5 lb. Bag
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Not Just For Your Average Bear